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Fish reports


Pursuit reporting white seabass, yellowtail, calico bass and more at Catalina Island today

The Pursuit out of 22nd St Landing in San Pedro is reporting some yellowtail, white seabass and other species as ...
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Dreamer White Seabass

Dreamer with limits of white seabass at Catalina Island

The Dreamer out of Pierpoint Landing in Long Beach had limits of white seabass Tuesday as we approach the June ...
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Full Moon

Limits for white seabass goes to three Thursday with Full Moon looming June 20

The per angler limit for white seabass goes from one to three tomorrow as a full moon is approaching fast ...
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Phil's Tips

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Over or Under? Fighting big yellows at the rail

Ok, so you finally managed to convince a brute yellowtail to take your bait. Congratulations, now you have an angry fish at the end of your line punishing the drag system on your reel, desperately trying to find any kink ...
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VIDEO: Watch Greenpeace run down world’s largest tuna purse seiner; do you support their efforts?

VIDEO: Greenpeace runs down world's largest tuna purse seiner; do you support their efforts? We chased it for 5 days, but as dawn broke over the Pacific this morning we finally confronted the biggest tuna fishing vessel in the world ...
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salsa de aceite

Salsa de Chile Piquin o Chile Seco

Salsa is a very important staple in Mexican cuisine and if you've ever traveled to any part of Mexico you should've realized by now that bottled "chunky mild salsa" is almost as blasphemous as a "quesarito" from Taco Bell. Here is a ...
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Accurate grinding and manufacturing Rockets, Reels, and RATS by Sean Buur

Accurate grinding and manufacturing Rockets, Reels, and RATS Dave, Jack and Doug Nilsen of Accurate Grinding and Manufacturing in Corona, Ca. David and Doug Nilsen grew up on the shop floor of Accurate Grinding and Manufacturing (AGM). Literally, the twins went ...
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